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SPYDERCO Parata: innovatív stílus - hihetetlen teljesítmény - üdítően ható, nem szokványos megoldások egy bicskába csomagolva.

Lenyűgöző pengéje VG-10 rozsdamentes acélból készült. Formájára, kialakítására a mély has, a teljes, lapos élezés és a széles profil jellemző. Mindezek együttesen járulnak hozzá a kivételes élgeometriához és vágási teljesítményhez.

Meaning "prepared" or "ready" in Latin, the Parata is a dramatically styled folding knife that delivers incredible performance in a refreshingly unorthodox package. Its stunning blade is crafted from VG-10 stainless steel and features a pronounced belly, a high flat grind, and a broad profile that together give it exceptional edge geometry and cutting performance. Its unique shape also creates a highly functional integral guard that protects the user’s hand while complementing the knife’s refined ergonomics. To ensure swift, positive, one-handed opening with either hand, the blade includes a fully accessible Trademark Round Hole™.

The Parata’s blade is linked to a sleek, linerless G-10 handle with Spyderco’s patented Stop Lock™ -- a high-strength, extremely user friendly lock mechanism that releases by lifting a toggle on the spine of the handle. Introduced for the first time in this knife, the Stop Lock is amazingly compact and offers smooth, ambidextrous operation. Its mechanism is housed between textured G-10 scales that are gracefully curved for a secure grip and joined by stainless steel standoffs to create a lightweight, easy-to-clean, open-backed construction style.

To balance discreet carry and instant access, the Parata’s handle includes a reversible deep-pocket wire clip that supports left or right-side tip-up carry and a lined lanyard hole for the easy attachment of fobs and lanyards. These features complement the knife’s symmetrical design to make all aspects of its carry and operation completely ambidextrous.

The Parata is a remarkably refined folding knife that reflects the impressive talents of its designer, Paul Alexander, and proudly introduces Spyderco’s latest innovation in lock technology.
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